Training for Teachers: STEM for Inclusion Classrooms

From 1st to 4th February, the INSIDE team promoted the C1 activity “Training for Teachers: STEM for Inclusion Classrooms” at the University of Minho (UMinho), Braga, Portugal.

Due to the pandemic situation in the country and the high restrictions imposed on travellers in Cyprus, the organization decided to make the event partially online; and let everyone who manifested an interest in assisting the event do it online. The link to the event was spread by the network of the Portuguese National agency and by the partner to schools.

Except for Tuesday afternoon, the presential event took place in the active-learning-room “Sala André Cruz de Carvalho” and attended the delegations of Protoporia and e-Nable from Greece, Palade from Estonia, Agrupamento de Escolas Henriques Nogueira and UMinho from Portugal. In addition, the Cyprus delegation assisted online.

On the first day and after the presentation session where they introduced themselves, the participants visited the “Casa da Ciência Viva de Braga”. There they contacted the setups of some STEM experiences that Casa da Ciência has to show to visitors, usual students from local schools. Another attraction that participants had the opportunity to enjoy was the Planetary. They visited in 30 minutes places in the Universe displaced by hundreds of years at light speed.

The participants were involved in a very intense and exciting program in the following days. It consisted of eleven sessions, workshops and talks, administrated by eleven individualities from three Portuguese Universities (Minho, Aveiro and Azores), Casa da Ciência, and Portuguese National Agency.

In the closing session of these four fantastic days, the attendees received their certificates.

The abstracts of all sessions can be found: https://sites.google.com/view/stemuminho/home