• The Webinars will be held in English Language.

  • For each session a Webinar Educational Package will be delivered to participants containing: the Webinar Script, the educational material (presentations, pdfs’, videos, etc.) and quizzes for assessment.

  • Each webinar will be video recorded and uploaded in the INSIDE website (https://insidestem.eu), after each session.

  • At the end of each Webinar, the participants will complete an online evaluation form for the assessment of the implementation of the Webinar.

 In order to receive a Certification of Attendance the following criteria should be met:

  1. Attending at least 10 of 14 in total webinars and completing all the assignments during them.
  2. Completion of Evaluation form at the end of each webinar (the evaluation concerns the implementation of the webinar and not your progress)
  3. Apply one STEM project (you will need to provide by a ready lesson plan) in your school the period January-May 2022
  4. Design a new STEM project in collaboration with other colleagues (you will need to provide by a Lesson Plan Template) based on your classroom needs.