e-learning platform

e-learning platform “STEM for the Visually Impaired students”

The project’s an e-Learning Platform is designed and developed as a dynamic and powerful tool with free access to all the information, material and trainings of the project. This platform will be an integrated set of interactive online services that provide teachers, students and others involved in the project or interested about the topic, tools and resources to support and enhance implementation of STEM projects into inclusion classrooms with VI students.

1. STEM Handbook for Inclusion Classroom

This is an inclusion educational handbook, which aims to introduce and incorporate STEM projects, in typical classrooms. This guidebook is designed to provide information to teachers about the development of lesson plans, and organize the classes for STEM projects suitable to be 3D printed and for VI students.

learning platform
learning platform

2. Webinars: 3D printing for STEM inclusion projects

Webinars are designed to contain mainly: the pedagogical frame of engaging 3D printing in education, the benefits of 3D printing in education for students with disabilities, the obstacles of using 3D printing in the classroom, basic software design in web-based platform, for designing educational material, basic software for converting the designed educational material in gcode format (Slicing software), basic hardware of 3D printing, and designing a STEM project with 3D printing.

3. Open Database of model STEM projects

This is a Database which is going to include all the final versions of the models produced in INSIDE project and the STEM Lesson Plan Templates with complete instructions. All model STEM projects will include lesson plans which will differentiate the educational process into two levels: first level for implementation by low vision students and second level for students with no eyesight.

learning platform