3D Printing Online Webinars for Inclusion Classroom featured

3D Printing Online Webinars for Inclusion Classroom


As part of the implementation of the Erasmus+ Project ‘INSIDE’, the project’s consortium organizes within the INSIDE framework a series of Online Webinars regarding the 3D Printing for Inclusion Classroom emphasizing on the visual impairments.



The consortium, invites any teacher active in the Secondary Education to participate in a series of Online Webinars focusing on the utilization of 3D Printing Technology in an inclusion classroom with Visual Impaired Students.

The Webinars will take place from October 2021 until May 2022 through the online platform ZOOM:

  • One Webinar – approximately – per two weeks;

  • Each Webinar will take place on Wednesday at 17.30 – 19.00 CET;

  • 14 Webinars in total;

  • It is of crucial importance to know that all the webinars will be held in English Language.

Benefits for the participants:

– Training about the use of an innovative technology (3D Printing) in order to increase the engagement and inclusion of the students;

– Official Certification of Completion by the partnership of the INSIDE project (minimum attendance 10 of 14 Webinars);

– Ability to act as a Project Ambassador for your school/organization;

– Professional development and recognition;

– Networking with colleagues and schools around Europe.

Who can participate?

– Teachers of special education institute with a focus on students with Visual Impairment

– Teachers of special education institute with students of other physical or mentally disabilities

– Teachers of secondary education schools that apply inclusion education

– Teachers of secondary education schools

– The age range of your students should be 12-18 years old

All participants will have the opportunity to participate in an interactive series of Webinars with experts in the field.

Learning Outcomes of the Webinars. After the Webinars completion, the participant teachers will be able to:

– Identify a useful application of 3DP for their classroom, everyday life and for people with disabilities;

– Design a 3D Model;

– Engage the 3DP in the learning process of a project;

– Use all the necessary software in order to prepare a digital file (stl, gcode) ready for 3D Printing;

– Design their own STEM project for an inclusion classroom with Visual Impaired students.

Obligations of the Participants:

– Attend at least 10 of 14 in total webinars and completing all the required assignments;

– Completion of Evaluation form at the end of each webinar (the evaluation concerns the implementation of the webinar and not the participants’ progress);

– Teachers should apply at least one STEM project (provide by a ready lesson plan) in their school between January & May 2022;

– Teachers will be asked to design a new STEM project in collaboration with other colleagues (will provide by a Lesson Plan Template) based on their classroom needs.

Due to the very limited number of places, the application form is required electronically. Priority order will be observed.

For more information, check the Webinars’ Agenda!

To register for the Webinars please click here and complete the Google Form!

*** For any inquiries, please contact us via email insidestem.eu@gmail.com