Media and Digital Skills of Visual Impaired Students

The developed world is being proactive in transitioning to a digital society. Thus, understanding and gathering information about the Media and Digital Skills (MDS) of visual impaired (VI) students is an important issue for evaluating this group’s present and future integration into society. With the purpose of accessing VI students’ MDS, a questionnaire was administered to two
samples of students, one from Portugal and the other from Greece. A multiple linear regression model was used to modulate the effect on MDS of age, sex, country, and type of vision impairment.

The model justifies a considerable amount of MDS variance, with age and vision being statistically significant factors. In the model, MDS improves with age increment, and blinds have lower MDS scores than their normal sight counterparts.

Considering that blindness impairs the MDS of this subject group, particular efforts should be made by schools and society to potentiate the improvement of MDS in this specific group.

Keywords. Blind, Digital, Inclusive Classrooms, Low Vision, Media and Digital Skills, Media, STEM, Visual Impairment.

48 thoughts on “Media and Digital Skills of Visual Impaired Students”

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